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Find a new job in the UK or UAE with Neowise Recruitment. Browse a range of permanent or temporary roles including jobs in IT, Finance, Construction, HR & Marketing. Neowise corporation searching jobs for clients in main cities Internationally. NEOwise Recruitment is an award winning, leading specialist professional in paid job searching system, recruitment consultancy with offices in London, Singapore, Dubai, Canada,  and Hong Kong.

There is 100% guarantee that a visa will be issued!
Recruitment Agents For International Careers - The Experienced Recruiting Agency in Dubai
With  our job searching system we Guarantee that  you will get a job 100%
Dear Job Seeker, 

I would like to show you what my business can do for you regarding job searching. My company can help you to get a job in United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia or Canada.

Now let me introduce my business to you the job searching is only the beginning. You'll also be interviewed by recruiters and employers around the world in our program, and I can promise you that if you think strategy you have is good this is at a whole new level. And believe me if you do even half as well as the rest of the people who've gone through this program, you're going to be very very impressed.

Sounds fair enough?

OK, Our basic system It's a cash outlay registration fee only for job searching package and that includes the job searching in major cities around the world, and like I said this will be the best investments you've ever made. if you will join to our program the only problem you'll have is I didn't call you six month ago and sign you up then.

I mean let me say this:  One of the true beauties of the program is that program is that actually comes with an unconditional guarantee, if you go through the program and don't think it is the best investments in job searching you've ever made then you can get a 100% refund right on the spot, no question asked. So it cost you absolutely nothing!

We have a several job searching systems that we suggest for you no metter if you are fresh graduated or senior  manager we can hit a Global Market for example we can find a job for you in companies like: J.P Morgan, BP, Pepsi, Apple, and connect you with companies like manpower recruitment, Dubai Islamic Bank, Oracle Systems Limited, Amana Group Construction in Dubai.  
  And you will get a full support in job searching, what I mean is:  
  • My team will be searching a job for you in UAE and Qatar if you requested.  
  • They will also manage to contact Head-hunters and recruiters with your CV.  
  • My team also will call to employers before they send your CV so we do not spam them like rest of the companies do!  
  • Our HR director will personally have a look on your CV and cover letter to make sure you have every details and spelling are correct.  
  • We also add you to the International data base like and  
  • We also setting up minimum 2-3 Interviews per week with employers for you within 3 months time.  
  • Managing process for your visa, immigration or citizenship documents for new job. 
If you will be not happy with a senior management jobs we provide for you then we will refund a money.

James West
Vice President
Neo Wise Corporation

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